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How do I change/update my credit card?

All donations and payments are processed by Donor Box. Our team does not have access to your credit card information for privacy and security reasons, therefore we cannot change or update your credit card. Instead, you’ll need to login to Donor Box and make those changes yourself by clicking here.

How do I access my donor account and history?

All donor account information, credit card details, and donation history are managed by DonorBox. Click here to learn how to login to your DonorBox account.

How do I change my email address for receiving With God Daily?

At the bottom of every With God Daily email, you will find a link to “update subscription preferences.” Clicking the link will allow you to change your email address.

How do I make a one-time donation?

Special one-time donations can be made by clicking here. When making your donation, click the “One-Time” rather than the “Monthly” button.

How do I change or cancel my recurring donation?

All donations and payments are processed by Donor Box. To change or cancel your recurring donation login to Donor Box. Click here for more information or to login to Donor Box.

How do I gift With God Daily to someone else?

If you would like to give a subscription to WITH GOD DAILY to someone else, here are the steps:
  1. Visit and determine the amount you’d like to donate to support Measure the Clouds Ministries.
  2. Once you have completed your donation, please contact our support team at and include the person’s name & email you’d like to receive WITH GOD DAILY.
  3. Our support team will add the person to daily email list. They will also be able to download the WITH GOD DAILY mobile app and access the devotional with the same password listed on your donation receipt.

How do I access the With God Daily archives?

The archives are available on the website ( or using the mobile app. Both require a password to access. If you are a donor, you can find the password on in the email receipt for your donation.

How do I find the password for the With God Daily archives?

The password for the With God Dailiy archies is the same as the password for the mobile app. This password can be found in the email receipt all donors to Measure the Clouds Ministries receive. If you have trouble locating this email, please contact us at

How do I find the password for the With God Daily app?

Access to the With God Daily app is reserved for supporters of Measure the Clouds Minsitries. If you are a donor, the password for the app can be found in the email receipt for your donation. If you have trouble locating this email, please contact us at

How do I cancel the With God Daily email?

At the bottom of every With God Daily email is a link that says “unsubscribe from this list.” Clicking the link will cancel your email subscription. However, this will not stop your reoccurring monthly donation. To cancel your donation, you will need to login to Donor Box here.

I signed up for With God Daily, but I’m not receiving the emails?

First, you should have received a confirmation email after you signed up. If you did not open and confirm your subscription, you will not receive the daily devotional. Check you email inbox for this email or search your junk/spam folder in case your email server misplaced it.
Next, if you have confirmed your subscription but are still not receiving With God Daily be sure to check your junk/spam folder as some email servers incorrectly direct the devotional email away from your inbox.

Why have I stopped receiving With God Daily?

If you did not unsubscribe from the daily devotional, but you’re no longer seeing With God Daily in our inbox, there may be a number of reasons. First, some users may accidentally hit the “unsubsribe me from this list” link at the bottom of the email. If that has happened, we cannot resubscribe you from our end.
Second, if you have been receiving With God Daily but have not opened the emails for some time, some email security programs will either automatically unsubscribe you from the list or automatically direct With God Daily emails to your junk/spam folder rather than your inbox.

Can I share With God Daily devotionals with others?

If you wish to regularly forward the daily devotional email to others, we simply ask that you consider that when determining the amount of your monthly donation.
We are encouraged when subscribers share exerpts of With God Daily via social media. It’s a great way to make others aware of the devotional. However, we discourage subscribers from sharing the entire devotional reading as this deters new subscribers and undermines the financial sustainability of this ministry.

Do you have group subscriptions for churches or schools?

Yes! We invite you to consider a monthly donation proportional to the number of subscribers in your group. If you compile the email addresses to receive the devotional, we can add them to the mailing list and ensure everyone has access to the archives and mobile app. For more details, please contact us at

How do I sign-up for With God Daily if I cannot afford to donate?

Email us at and we’ll be happy to add you to the email list to receive With God Daily. However, access to the devotional archives and mobile app is limited to supporters.
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